SPS Home & School

On behalf of the Spring Park Home and School Association, we would like to issue a warm welcome to the families, both new and returning, who are members of the Spring Park Elementary School community.


The Home and School Association has spearheaded a number of important initiatives that have benefited our school community. Notably, a very successful breakfast program was piloted in 2016-17, serving 200+ smoothies to students on Friday mornings. Other Home and School-led initiatives have included Diversity Awareness Week, Christmas Shoppe, Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day, and the formation of a Canadian Parents for French Chapter.


Due to the high turnover that our school community has experienced, we have a number of vacant positions with the Home and School Association.


Nominations for Executive Positions:
We are looking for nominations to fill two executive positions for the Spring Park Home and School Association: (1) President; and (2) Vice-President.


DAC Nomination:
We are also looking for nominations to fill a vacant position as the Spring Park Home and School representative on the Colonel Gray Family of Schools District Advisory Council.


We are looking for a Chair of the Health and Nutrition committee. Additional members will also be required for this committee as well as the Canadian Parents for French (CPF) committee. If you are interested in volunteering with the CPF committee, please contact Jill Olscamp, co-Chair, at jillolscamp@gmail.com.


If you are interested in one of these positions or wish to nominate someone, please inform Leslie Cudmore (lesliehartling@eastlink.ca). Please ensure that the nominee is in agreement with the nomination. In the event that we receive more than one name for a given position, individuals will be requested to submit a cover letter and C.V. and a formal voting procedure will follow. Deadline for submission of interest/nomination is September 30th.


Best regards,


Leslie Cudmore, SPHS Secretary, and
Norman Dewar, SPHS Treasurer


First Day and Bussing

Welcome Back!

Another school year is upon us!  We are anxiously awaiting your child(ren) and have been working hard to be prepared for them.  There will be many changes to our school this year with over 200 new students joining us along with many new staff.  Our bus routes have also been changed.  Please follow the link below to find your bus #, pick up, and drop off times.  If you have more questions, you can call the Public Schools Branch at 902-368-6990 and ask for the transportation department.

You will also have a package of information and forms to fill out on the first day.  Please return ASAP.

Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!

Terry MacIsaac